How to avoid job search scams

In today’s tough economy, there are more and more job scams among genuine jobs. And scammers are also serious and sophisticated with new ways to take advantage of job seekers and get their money all the time. Job seekers should be smart to avoid job scams among a wide range of attractive advertisements of jobs. Generally speaking, it is difficult to determine whether it is a scam or a real employment. But here are some tips which job seekers can follow to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous scammers.

Research the most  popular  job scams

Job seekers should spend time on finding out the most common job scams, which fields and types of jobs scammers tend to focus on most in their region by looking for information through internet or newspapers. Internet and newspapers always update and publish articles of scams, fraudulent companies which have been recognized recently.

Google the company name and its information

Before job seekers apply for any job, they had better have some information of the company so that they do not waste time applying for an illegitimate company. They must carefully search all information related to the company in order to ensure that they are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous job advertisements. They also need to go to the main career page of the company and visit its website to have further information. If the company does not have any valid website, contact information, clear address, they may be warning signs that the company is a fraud.

Be cautious about job requirements

Applicants should review the job as well as job requirements which are provided by the company before sending their applications. Be careful with well paid jobs, pleasant work environment but there is no requirement for qualification and experience. Because recruiters always calculate salary for their employees based on employees’ education and work experience. Most job scams have outstanding advertisements with a high salary level, simple duties and no need of education, experience.

Be careful with scammy behaviors

Be wary if recruiters ask applicants to pay upfront money for training materials, application processing, online training, etc. Legitimate companies will not require you to pay an upfront fee in order to consider you for a position.

Or job seekers may be required to provide personal information such as social insurance number, credit card. They might be warning signs because companies which offer real job opportunities will not need those information upfront. Only scammy companies tend to access job applicants’ bank account and credit cards or to steal and sell their identity for the third party to get money.  All of those unreasonable requirements are scammy behaviors of fraudulent companies which you should avoid applying for.

Find jobs on reputable websites

To avoid job scams, job seekers should find employments on reliable websites or at reputable job consultancies. Famous and reliable pages will provide job seekers with real job offers.

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