High-demand jobs in Canada

Many people think that careers which pay well are the highest demand-jobs. However, the fact shows that there is a variety of low salary occupations but they still have a large demand for both skilled and unskilled labours, and offer a number of job opportunities to job seekers.

Therefore, before choosing a major to study, students should consider which major is their favorite field and whether it is a high demand-career in coming years or not. Here is our list of high-demand jobs in Canada.


1. Medical and healthcare

The aging population and high living conditions make Canadians care more about their health nowadays. As a result, industries related to health care and personal care are expected to have the fastest job growth and highest demand for employees through to 2020.


Hospitals, health facilities and clinics offer a wide range of employments for employees in accordance with their qualifications and experience. Generally, requirements for qualifications of healthcare staff are quite high. A diploma or bachelor’s degree in health, health sciences, medical care, surgery, psychology or related majors could be enough for some entry-level positions in smaller facilities, for example nurses, assistants. Master’s degrees or doctorate degrees provides candidates with more chances to undertake well paid positions in professional health facilities.


2. Accounting

The global economic recession has a serious influence on Canada’s economy. A range of business firms declared bankrupt but the Canadian experts and researchers believe there is still a strong demand for accountants. Business organizations, large or small, always need accountants to perform accounting functions such as audits or financial statement analysis. Recruiters prefer to employ candidates with higher qualifications in accounting, possessing some skills, knowledge and experience in accounting, financial market, law, banking.


3. Engineering and construction

In recent years, a shortage of employees working in the engineering industry has been looming, especially skilled engineers. It is due to the increasing demand for housing, construction, transportation of the population. Experts estimated that the number of employments in construction is forecasted to rise 33% by 2020. Job seekers without good education background still have many chances to become entry-level workers in these careers. Graduates with a bachelor or college degree in engineering and construction or any related major are extremely favorable by employers and they are highly paid as well.


4. Tourism and Hospitality

Canada is an ideal destination for visitors all around the world. Therefore, tourism and hospitality are high demand sectors in Canada nowadays. These types of careers are available for both skilled and unskilled employees. Employees are hired by restaurants, hotels and resorts for different positions depending on their qualifications and work experience. The higher qualifications applicants possess, the more job opportunities they get. Working in these careers, job seekers must have effective communication and interpersonal skills, ability to solve problems related to customer service.


5. Computer and Information Technology

In the modern life, information technology appears in every aspect from culture, politics, education, business, entertainment, etc. These new and challenging occupations offer a variety of high-paid jobs for candidates. However, jobs in this industry require highly skilled and well educated candidates. To work in the information technology field, candidates need a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science and several years of experience. In some companies, recruiters may require candidates to obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA).